I am sure that this amazing experience will allow me to blossom all along the trip. And because my focus is directed toward the fact of inspiring, I wanna allow you to observe this change as well as possible. That’s why, before leaving, I did some sessions of Sophrology, in order to draw up an assessments of my Values. And this exercise I will do it again at the end of the trip, in order to compare.

I actually hope that those sessions will also allow me put things into perspective and get even more out of NenuFar From Home.

Advertising Time ! I did those sessions with my sister Nolwenn Chébaut, who recently very successfully graduated from Sophrojogy degree and who’s beginning to take clients in Nantes. So if you are living in Nantes and you are interested in some sessions, you can visit her website :

What is the Sophrojogy? -> Follow this link 😉