The Project

What the hell is this project about? What could a project named “NenuFar From Home” be???

I will introduce my project with a short explanation of the name I gave to it, as it seems quite strange to a lot of people!

Why this name?

The Nenuphar, mainly known as Water lily in English, is a metaphor of this project : A plant having roots strongly settled, analogous to the social and cultural origins that the traveler has, developing itself through troubled waters, analogous to the travel itself, to finally reach the surface and give birth to a beautiful flower, analogous to the traveler’s flourish. I spelled “NenuFar”(normal spelled Nenuphar) the wrong way on purpose (yes, I’m not such an idiot, I assure you!), it’s to make a pun with the second part of the name “Far from home”: which I will be considering the fact that I will be travelling the world round! I agree with you that the pun is quite bad, but at least I expect it will make the name more memorable.


After reading this short intro about the name, you may think “Ok, this guy is totally babbling, his project is certainly phony”, but let me convince you that I’m totally serious and that I deeply thought this project through! So I beg you to read the following paragraphs.

Based on 3 axis

As I already shortly mentioned it on the Home Page, NenuFar From Home is a world trip project based on three axes:

  • Discovering
  • Flourishing
  • Inspiration

cropped-logo-planet1.png The discovering

The aim of the project is to go round the world from East to West picking preferably the accommodations and transportations that favour crossing paths with the autochthones. The key ideas of this trip are to meet the peoples and produce a critical study about the different ways of traveling. To this end, I’m planning on traveling by hitchhiking by car as well as by boat, without completely excluding the other ways of transport which, I’m sure, could bring many enriching encounters too. About the accommodation, I will be traveling with a tent in order to stay independent, but the aim will be to use it as less as possible. That would be by sleeping on couches of autochthones in exchange of small presents, stories or help so I’m mostly planning on getting accommodation, using either contacts, couch surfing website and asking people that I will meet. But as well as for the transportation, I won’t exclude the youth hostels and backpackers. I also plan on doing some missions (WOOFing, HelpX, workaway and the opportunities) and taking part in 3 to 5 different missions of eco-volunteering to have the opportunity to assist environmentally-conscious professionals and discover their universe.

All along the trip I will be noting my feelings about these different experiences of the travel, expressing my mind about them.

cropped-logo-planet1.png The flourishing

At the time of the globalization and in our liberal society, the new generations become aware of having a responsibility engaged way beyond their homeland’s borders. But the world is quite a complicated thing to grasp in its entirety. Thanks to the advent of the new IT: propagation of data and geographical distance aren’t antonymic anymore. The general public is henceforth subject to a wide stream of information about all over the world. Such streams should make people more aware of the world, but they are so strong they result more in either a feeling of indifference or an irrational reaction. In my view mankind needs to experience things in order to truly be aware of them. Following this reasoning, it seems crucial to me to discover the world, other cultures and their geopolitical situations.

Moreover I have never had a greater feeling of being able to free my personality and flourish as by changing of place. My frequent changes of locality made me realize that the first months spent at a location (associated with a new socio-cultural environment) were like a new departure. As if personality was a piece of clay that the owner would strive to mould and that each change of social environment would correspond to a softening of it. The act of staying in a place for a long time would drain the piece of clay, making it harder to change its shape without the risk of breaking it.

From all of my almost 25 years of age I have that deep feeling of being an unfinished person, that I would have rendered myself too early to the professional world. This trip would be, for me, a way to complete my personality, bringing to it qualities of openness, adaptability, humility, self-confidence and many others that my current state of mind doesn’t let me guess.

cropped-logo-planet1.png The inspiring

Our modern occidental society gives us a number of materialistic possessions, which drastically increase our standard of comfort. This way, it makes us dependent of many services or material goods, which are not compatible with travel as I mean it. Besides, this established comfort drives us to a withdrawal into our small world, which little by little consumes the curiosity which could be vector of motivation.

That’s how the travel, as I mean it, triggers first a reaction of amazement in people to who I introduce it, soon replaced by a feeling of fear when they think about making it.

I truly believe that everybody has that fear inside himself, which is justified considering the fact that the risks are not inexistent and it would be dangerous not to have it. But this blinds most of us and makes us forget the beauty of travel which represents way more than the risks that can be limited.

During this trip I will be using the technologies of our time (Youtube, Website, Facebook & Intagram) in order to share this amazing experience with you : showing alternative ways of travelling, meet people and flourish by by doing it. Doing so, I hope to inspire and cite some among you to initiate their own project, and to get themselves the keys of a flourishing life through the Travel or any other way.

I recommend you to follow the Web-serie, in which I will show myself using the different ways of traveling and meeting peoples. You can also follow the Instagram account for nice pictures, the website for articles and the Facebook page on which will be linked all the videos, articles and pictures.