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Essaouira – A shortened visit (D34-35)

Friday, January 11th : Marrakesh – Essaouira

We departed early from Marrakech in order to reach Essaouira. It took us more time than expected to reach the right spot to hitchhike, but eventually we found it.

It took us 2 lift to go reach the coastal city. First, after half an our waiting, was an ex-policeman, if I well understood, who wasn’t speaking French very well. Nevertheless he was quite nice with us. He could just bring us to a small village out of Essaouira. That was a risky bet for us — in case from there we didn’t find any car— but we had waited long enough at the other spot to see that it wasn’t a good one. Then were 2 Moroccan guys of about 30 years old. One of them was doctor and the other surf teacher. They were really welcoming and seemed to fully enjoy their lives. Both were living in Essaouira and they told how different the city was compared to the rest of Morocco. It was as Berlin was for Germany : a multicultural city, more open-minded and open to changes. As a matter of fact, the city had a lot of synagogs and churches, and Muslims, Jews and Christians were living there together in peace. Finally they left us close to the Medina.

Once again, because we didn’t find a couch-surfing, we went to a hostel. Then we took a bit of time to visit the Medina. The ambiance was perfect, we were walking through the very animated small streets where merchant weren’t calling out to us all the time. We could listen to the screaming of the seagull and feel the sweat salty lukewarm wind. I don’t if it was the fact that we had been away from the sea during 2 weeks or it was the city itself, but I really enjoyed that moment. It was already full dark when we reached the dock. They were still very animated with fisherman shouting their offers of fresh fish. Lot of big fishing boat were parked there. Some were being repaired. We had an awesome fish meal, which indeed was the speciality of the city.

We wanted to stay 2 days in this city in which we felt so good, but during the evening I received a call from Bruno : he wanted to leave earlier than expected. We were initially supposed to leave on the 15th but there would be a storm this day, therefore he wanted to leave on the early 13th to avoid being on the sea while the weather was going crazy. That meant we had to leave only the day after in the afternoon in order to be in Agadir — with we wouldn’t be able to visit— the Saturday in the evening to buy food and be able to go at sea early the Sunday.

Saturday, January 12th :

We woke up early to let us time to properly —or at least as well as possible— visit the city. The Medina was fortified and was directly on the sea. It reminded us a lot of St-Malo (French city of north Brittany) but with a very nice Arabic touch. We will keep a very nice memory of this charming place. Interesting Anecdote : the city had been the scene of a season of Games of throne.

We would have like to hitchhike in order to reach Agadir, but hitchhiking is too uncertain when you are pressed by the time. Therefore we took a bus to go to Agadir. The coastal road it was passing by was awesome, we didn’t see the time pass. Once there we met the others, bought some food for several days and went back to the boat in order to leave our bags. We took benefits of the rest of the evening in order to get to know the others. There was Jean-Pierre, a German-French guy who was shortly retired. As soon as he had quitted his job he had sold everything he had to go and walk around the world until the death would stop him. He had already walk from Nuremberg (Germany) through France to Santiago de Compostela (North west of Spain) and then to south of Spain. From there he had taken a ferry and a bus reach Agadir where he arrived a bit before Christmas. Having the same project as us — reaching canaries to find a boat which could bring him accros the Atlantic— he had met Bruno few days before and was embarking at the same time as us. He seemed to be really open, funny and full of life!

Bruno, for its part, had for few days disembarked his last crew and had arrived in Agadir shortly before New Year. He wanted to move, this Marina was expensive, not at all well entertained and he was spied all the time by the authorities.

We also met captain Coco, Bruno’s dog, who would also sail with us!

Recap of those 2 days :

  • After the desert and the snowy mountain we came back to the sea and discovered an awesome multicultural fortified coastal city.
  • A new very enriching lift
  • Setback permitting us to reach Canaries earlier than expected
  • 2 new encounters promising to create a strong link.

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