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[Info] A stay in Mexico which will last a bit more than expected

Hello everybody !

First of all I am sorry for not having been giving news lately.

I am posting this article today to let you know that I have already been in Mexico for almost 2 month with more than one in the city of Mexico. I am currently looking for an engineer position in this city where I will be staying for a while. It is not the end of the project, Nenufar From Home will continue, but later.

After 7 month traveling, passing sometime too quickly through some country, one may want to find a stable situation for a while, this way permitting to discover in more detail the culture of the country.

In the following days I will post the pictures of my stay in Cuba and my arrival in Mexico (in instagram and Fb) and in the following months you will be able to find the corresponding illustrated trip stories.

Hasta Luego!

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